Independence Day Celebration

We have celebrated our 70th Independence Day by planting more than 25 trees at HSR layout, Bangalore. Codilar Technologies, where I am working now, had organized the event with around 10 people. It was such a great pleasure to attend the function.


 Candlelight vigil

A Candlelight vigil has been organised on 7th May’16 night at 07:00 in front of HSR Police Station in order to bring an awareness among the people about the plight of women in the present day society. Participants at the vigil held candles and wanted to take it to the notice of to the government officials and to the police. The gathering was addressed by Ismathullah Aman and Sanjukta Mukherji. The pledge was read by Neelima Srigiri and vote of thanks expressed by Nidhi Kohli. We are requesting the government to take necessary actions as soon as possible in eradicating this abusive behaviour of men towards women.