Conversation with P UnniKrishnan, Chairman of SPAC WLL & Bahrain Tribune

Mr. P Unnikrishnan is the Chairman of SPAC WLL and the architect of building successful media brands across the GCC. An acclaimed multilingual writer and orator, Mr. Unni’s philosophy is to ‘inspire’ people, businesses and society through his entrepreneurial initiatives. Spearheading the growth of SPAC through its diversified business activities, he is a regular invitee cum speaker at key socio-economic events across the GCC and in India at various B Schools. Hailing from a family of talented writers and media personalities Mr. Unnikrishnan’s inclination towards the media business was almost by default.

Mr. Unnikrishnan also heads DT News Bahrain, Weekender / Cocunut Times / Adam 2.0, News Mill (India), Daily Talk, 4PM News Bahrain, BigFace publishing (P) Ltd etc.



Ancestry of Mahakavi (Great Poet) P Kunhiraman Nair and family. Coming from such a background has ever made you more responsible?

Being Frank, I do want to write some novels and poems! I am afraid to do that thinking it can spoil Mahakavis reputation !! 

Please share your interests in literature? 

I love reading books and right now writing one regular editorial column in English – Nothing serious ( DT NEWS ), Ishtapettalum illenkillum ( 4PM news ). I love reading.

When and how have you refined yourself as an entrepreneur?

I am a first gen- businessman. I made mistakes and for sure may continue making mistakes. I consider all the blunders and failures as an experience. My philosophy in business is nothing but to do something good to the society and make some reasonable profit. The Mantra for success in this world is nothing but to run fast other than maintaining  land, manpower, technology and knowledge.

After your studies, why have you moved out of India? Why did you choose Bahrain for your operation?

It was very accidental. My uncle was in Bahrain, He invited me to Bahrain. When I reached here, I found this small island a very comfortable place to settle. 

Radio FM, Daily Tribune, Coconut times, 4PM News  you are operating a lot of media companies. Why into media?

Media – is my passion other than that it is a right medium to help the needy,  Again if you do justice to the profession you can gain social acceptance, power and money!

Tell me the difficulties in starting a venture in Bahrain?

I started my first venture with zero capital. So the life was bit tough. But with few good contacts and trust they had up on me, I managed to initiate the first internet cafe in the Kingdom. Soon I managed to open few more outlets and made some good money .

Is India a tough place to start a venture? 

I won’t make such a comment. May be for someone who managed to do business in Middle East may face some difficulties. It all depends on your expectations and experience. There are so many successful ventures of NRIS in India. But overall there is a fear factor about Kerala among NRIS. But the perception is slowly changing. I am running few outsourcing centres in Kerala and I never had any issues till date.

What are the main agenda/ Ideas that you are trying to promote through your media?

I disagree with the concept of making some agenda for a media firm. The vision is simple that is nothing but to inform and educate. The strategy is to bring interesting innovative interactive informative investigative updated reliable content.

 What are the new business areas you are going to concentrate? And why?

Right now I am working on smart ID which is a digital ID to replace the old conventional business cards and privilege cards and also associated with a mobile money transferring  platform called FULOOSI . I am the Managing Director of KENSHO knowledge solutions and GLOBAL Institute of Management science  which is the only Indian institute for Higher studies in Bahrain. We also represent BYJUS app for the MENA region.

Other than business, what are your personal interests?

Writing, Travelling and sleeping !!! 

You can reach him: P Unnikrishnan, Facebook, Twitter

 Candlelight vigil

A Candlelight vigil has been organised on 7th May’16 night at 07:00 in front of HSR Police Station in order to bring an awareness among the people about the plight of women in the present day society. Participants at the vigil held candles and wanted to take it to the notice of to the government officials and to the police. The gathering was addressed by Ismathullah Aman and Sanjukta Mukherji. The pledge was read by Neelima Srigiri and vote of thanks expressed by Nidhi Kohli. We are requesting the government to take necessary actions as soon as possible in eradicating this abusive behaviour of men towards women.

Ideas of Dangal

Normally, people suggest me lot of movies to watch. Those people are suggesting me, just the way they experienced the movies. I usually get lot of suggestions from my friends.

But it is good to approach any movie without expectation. Expectation may kill a movie. At the same time, the way a movie was discussed, will lead you to watch with lot of anxiety.

Yes I am talking about the upcoming movie ‘Dangal’ now. I would like to tell you why I would like to watch Dangal, and here are the reasons.

As all of us know, Haryana is a place known for honour killing and female foeticide. It’s the responsibility of every parent to look after their girl child by providing what ever the possible things they can. Born in a poor family and being a successful wrestler is a larger than life character. Dangal gives us a message to follow our dream with hard work and passion. The character like Geeta Phogat and Babitha Phogat are phenomenal in the trailer.

In North India, a girl child born in a poor family, leave parents in agony. Despite of having 4 daughters, how Mahaveer Phogat (male protagonist) has grown their children is shown very well, and which is going to be most important part in this movie. You can see that the father’s dream being followed by his daughter and succeeding in that.

Dangal is a national conscience movie, a dialogue used in the trailer “our flag will fly the highest” shows how they actually wanted to carry the movie, especially in the present scenario, where many people are trying to promote fake patriotism.

Indian Sports Federation is known for their politics and corruption. They fight with each other and make our sports worst. Dangal will show some lights on these issues.

Last but not the least, Dangal is Aamir Khan’s movie. How he prepares himself to do every movie is astonishing. I have read that, Aamir khan is going through atleast 100 scripts before doing every single movie. The way, he made his physique in the movie is already viral online.

Dangal is the most discussed movie in online spaces so far. Let us see, how it is going to be an eye opener for other Hindi movies.

So, wrestle, o wrestler!!